Who is a finance professional and how CIMA fits in well?

Once upon a time, being a finance professional was all about numbers. Now, it is so much more. In a world where businesses are being redefined by new technology, data and digital platforms, finance professionals are defining what success looks like – driving impact, delivering solutions and creating value for businesses worldwide. Big or small, public or private – you will find a CIMA qualified finance professional at the centre of it all. 

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world’s leading body of management accountants, delivering the most relevant qualification for a career in business and finance. When you join CIMA, you invest in your career development and learning and we invest in you, becoming your lifelong partner. 

There’s more with your CIMA qualification, you will also become a part of a global family with the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants earning a well-known CGMA designation for yourself.

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How do you start your CIMA journey?

CGMA Finance Leadership Program

Global Professional Accountancy Program

CGMA Senior Executive Program

CGMA Suite Program

What are your career opportunities after CIMA Professional Qualification?

CIMA is a globally recognized qualification in more than 179 countries and all major MNCs across various industries do hire CIMA professionals across major finance roles. Follow is the list of companies and roles to name a few:


Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever

Media and publishing

Google, Sky and Virgin media

Professional services and consulting

Deloitte, IBM, KPMG 

What will you get after the Qualification?

Get a job anywhere in the world and earn  higher salaries.  The relevance and demand of CGMA designation holders  transcends borders. And the higher salaries they take  home is proof of the added value employers believe they  bring to the table.

Real salaries around the world

1. Australia

students:       ****

members :  AUD 146,000.

2. India

students :   IND 1,073,000

members :     ****

3. uk

students :  GBP32,000

members : GBP 66,000

4. USA

Students :            ****

Members : USD 173,000

What are the skills that you will learn in your CIMA Professional Qualification?

Skills for today, tomorrow and beyond

We update our syllabus regularly to keep on top of trends and the needs of global employers. Our revised CGMA Competency Framework reflects the changing skills finance professionals need. It also helps management accountants and their employers understand the practical experience and professional development needed to be relevant and successful.

The CGMA Competency Framework

The CGMA Competency Framework drives the syllabus, which covers five key knowledge areas:
→Technical skills - Applying technical accounting and finance skills in different business situations.
→Business skills - Transforming data into insights and strategy.
→People skills - How to communicate, influence, negotiate and collaborate.

→Leadership skills - Building and motivating teams and driving performance.
→Digital skills - Manage and guide the finance function in a digital world.


Rishit sir is well versed and has alternated his methods of teaching to suit mine periodically. This allowed me room to gain confidence over the many concepts and subjects taught through the term, and otherwise. He is also a good entrepreneur and draws examples from various walks of life and otherwise that help one relate to the subject matter. My overall experience has been amazing so far and would certainly recommend.— Surbi Jain

I am pursuing CIMA from this academy and I joined couple of months before. The lectures are very interactive and the faculty is friendly. It provides a very healthy environment. It is the best academy if you are planning to opt for any professional course. —Ayushi Bhansali

CIMA curriculum has widened my thought process, extended my capabilities to think strategically, be more confident and plan better. This was possible only because of Skillstride Academy. It has given me a beautiful experience for life time. As part of my career, being a senior finance manager in the real time environment, I encounter case studies in my day-to-day work and I am living it. Kudos to the faculty member for making it happen for me. To each one of you out there, trust me CIMA is an extremely beneficial qualification which enhances one’s thought process, embeds strategic thinking and uplifts the confidence levels. At an overall level, it shall be a career booster for you. Go to place as per me, for achieving it would be Skillstride Academy providing flexible timings, concepts clarity and one stop solution for all level needs including administration.

— Diksha Chainwala

Who will teach you?

Rishit Agarwal 

He is a  Chartered Global Management Accountant with an experience of more than 5 years and has taught 150+ students and rank holders. He has rank holder attainments in Advance Management Accounting and Strategic Case Study. Before starting his CIMA journey, he completed his graduation from ICFAI Business School and worked with Oasis Accountants Pvt. Ltd. Today, he is the co-founder of Skillstride Academy and takes the personal responsibility of all his students.

CIMA Coaching at Skillstride Academy

Learn from rank holder instructor

Get unlimited learning hours

Additional on-demand video access

Detailed concept clarity and case study analysis

Know the answer tips for the exam and get detailed exam guidance

Write up to 5 mocks with personalised feedback sessions and boost your confidence right before the exam

CIMA study plans at skillstride academy

training highlights

  • Learn from rank holders.
  • Write upto 5 mocks with personalized feedback session and boost your confidence right before your exam.
  • Additional on-demand video access.
  • Detailed concept clarity and case study analysis.
  • Know the answer tips  and get detailed exam guidance.
  • Get unlimited learning hours.

CIMA single 


14,160 INR

1. Any on subject training/case study.

2. Live classes (online or offline).

3. Recorded sessions.

4. Kaplan practice kit for mocks 

5.  Exam guidance for objective type questions and case study. 

6. Doubts clearing sessions

7. Study material

CIMA level 


47,200 INR

1. Operational level, management level and strategic level.

2. Live classes (online or offline).

3. Recorded sessions.

4. Exam guidance for objective type questions and case study.

5. Kaplan practice kit for  mocks for objective type questions and case study.

6. Doubts clearing sessions

7. Study material

CIMA on-demand  plan

30,000 INR

1. Recorded sessions for any one level.

2. Doubts clearing sessions

3.Live Case Study Sessions and feedback for 2 mocks.

4. Study material

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