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Top 5 reasons to choose CGMA Finance Leadership Program along with your graduation

  • You will have good amount of available time to focus on CIMA studies.
  • You will grab very high salaries immediately after your graduation within the       range of 4 to 7 LPA.
  • You will be a qualified finance professional and be able to get yourself a               career of choice – job in an excellent multinational company (MNC) in India         and abroad, starting your own business or joining your family business with       expertise.
  • Get the highest return on investment (ROI) by completing CIMA within 2             years with the least possible investment.
  • Develop in-demand skills like technical, analytical, leadership, people and           digital skills that are required by future finance professionals.

CGMA Finance Leadership Program

Anyone can opt for this program. It is a new digital-first pathway to completing the CIMA Professional qualification. You are assessed at each topic as you learn all within the platform. All three levels of FLP culminate with the case study to test your mastery of the business and finance concepts and your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the real-world business situations.

Key highlights of CGMA Finance Leadership program?


Complete CIMA in just 2 years.


It is a subscription-based model that helps you to reduce your investment to a very low level.


Save on separate annual student subscription.


Only 3 case study exams backed up by 9 simple on-demand assessments.


Apply for your core finance job right after the graduation with a starting package between 4 – 7 lacs per annum.


All learning and assessment materials you need to complete the Professional Qualification.


Interactive exercises.


Pre-seen Analysis, Answer tips and mocks with personalised feedback.

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