Sharpen your business skills to go beyond expectation.

CGMA Senior Executive Programme

As the business world becomes increasingly complex and volatile, professionals must be equipped with sharper skills to be successful. With this tailor-made programme, you will have tools to navigate the ever-changing market wisely. Develop your strategic and business skills to its fullest potential right away.

Who can apply?

If you have at least 6 years of working experience in the management position and with a senior executive position, what’s stopping you to apply as one of the candidate for this programme?

What's in it for you?

  1. Enhanced strategic and business skills knowledge based on the CGMA Competency Framework (business, technical, leadership and people)
  2. A special route for working professionals to gain the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA®) designation

The journey

Step 1: You must complete the Application Form and submit your CV, highest academic document and ID/passport.

Step 2: CIMA will admit you into the programme and you will need to make the necessary payments.

Step 3: You will attend the revision classes to prepare for the Management Case Study (MCS) exam.

Step 4: You will sit for the Management Case Study exam

Step 5: Upon passing the MCS exam, you will attend the revision classes to prepare for the Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam and sit for the SCS exam.

Step 6: CGMA & CIMA membership will be awarded to you upon passing the SCS exam and of a successful membership application

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